The Company

Scapes’ work is humble and playful, delivering connectivity between people, the land and the greater community.

Our Philosophy

The “big picture” understanding of how one interacts with the greater community, the landscape, infrastructure and support systems including social networks, is the essence of our architectural and urban design philosophy.

Our team draws out key concepts for each unique residential, commercial or urban design development. Our main objectives are:


Deliver a realistic brief –Our unique briefing workshops and concept development process delivers a comprehensive view of what can be achieved with your project. This study assists in realising the full potential of the scheme.

Deliver integrated design solutions  –We integrate key concepts from all disciplines on the onset to achieve the best design outcomes and implementation. Calling on consultants early minimises design changes and increases efficiency.

Maintain the integrity of the landscape –By assessing the natural features of the project site, we draw those attributes into the overall plan to deliver architectural longevity.

Urban Design 

Add value to master planning development – We develop liveable master plans utilising key strategies targeting current building markets and ensuring a feasible project. A comprehensive set of design guidelines is then developed, unique to each project, to maintain premium quality and investment.

Increased commercial productivity – Our experience and unique processes promote successful negotiations with Councils, committees, builders and consultants, to facilitate a smooth project from start to finish. We efficiently deliver approvals as a design review body over many projects, demonstrating our diplomacy and balanced approach to consultation.

Scape is proud to bring their consultative expertise as Architects and Urban Designers to a wide variety of projects. We integrate both BIM and GIS systems into our practice to promote efficient development and clear communication of our ideas.

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Our Clients & Testimonials

Scape acknowledges its clients for the support over the years. Here are just a few that we would like to say thanks to.

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  • After nearly 12 months of receiving bad advice and incorrect information regarding my building project, I was given your details by accident.  Not only did you provide me with the right advice, you were pleasant and extremely helpful.  At no time did I feel as if you didn’t want to help explain things. I appreciate everything you have done for me, you have been fantastic so thank you.

    Richard Britten- Settlers Run Lot Owner
  • The Mullum Creek team (OR Steve, Danny and Sue Mathews) would like to take this opportunity to express our enormous thanks to Maureen Benier and her team at Scape for their hard work on Mullum Creek to date.

    Maureen was introduced to the team back in 2013, when she did some crucial work on the layout of the subdi- vision, creating homesites that are as ‘buildable’ as the sometimes steep terrain allows, and a more pleasing and inviting arrangement of roads, water features and pocket parks. The final appearance /experience of living in the Mullum Creek estate will owe a great deal to Maureen’s vision.

    The Mathews Family, Mullum Creek Development Donvale
  • Thank you so much for inviting us to the workshop, it was exciting, wasn’t it? More importantly, we realised what we have always wanted in life and what we’ve missed out. And yes, we know more about SCAPE and each of its great team member too. In addition, so amazing to know how architects can transform ideas into a home design. Now, I am pretty sure that our home will be full of loves,caring and warmth simply because it is tailor-made by SCAPE exclusively for my family!

    Gavin Wong, Lot 36 Mullum Creek
  • Maureen and Deborah assisted me in looking at our home with fresh eyes, and provided ideas on resolving some of the spatial issues associated with refurbishing an older home to suit the brief and achieve a floor plan that works extremely well.

    Jemma Cooper, Toorak Residence

Scape Family

When you value the people you work with, you foster a working environment that bonds like a family. Team members at SCAPE learn, grow, and some move on, but are never forgotten. Meet our current members and some of our current collaborators.

Our Team

Maureen Benier, Scape Architecture & Urban Design

Design & Project Management

Maureen is a registered architect with over 25 years architectural, master planning and urban design experience.

As the founder of the company, Maureen fosters a human spirit and integrity to the design process of all projects. She values the importance of integrated design solution and unlocking the potential of a site, leading our team and consultants to deliver optimum results.

Maureen has a passion for design and how it can bring joy to clients and the wider community. Her clients enjoy her business style which delivers a project on budget and within the timeline through a very transparent process.

Deborah Johnson, Scape Architecture & Urban Design

Design & Project Management

Deborah is a registered architect with over 22 years architectural, technical and managerial experience.

As the head architect, she has delivered projects of excellence in Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom; spanning retail, residential, institutional, commercial, educational, convention and community sectors.

Deborah enjoys working with clients as a team to deliver quality projects. She particularly enjoys bringing to life a clients dream.

Nathan Impey, Scape Architecture & Urban Design

Research, Administration & Documentation

Nathan is a graduate of architecture nearing 3 years experience to date. Focusing on client management, planning and design guidelines and regulations, as well as project research and documentation. He brings to Scape a keen eye for structure and is currently completing a degree in Civil Engineering.

Nathan handles design assessments for Melbourne and regional residential estate developments. His conscientious manner proves for an efficiently managed process, while maintaining a personal touch.

Kieran Roberts, Scape Architecture & Urban Design

Research, Design and Documentation

Kieran is a graduate of architecture with over 2 years of experience in client consultation, design, documentation and research.

Working on our residential projects he enriches the built outcome with well researched detailed design development, and brings to the team a fresh approach to design using the latest modelling and construction technologies.

Enjoying the open team environment at Scape where knowledge and ideas are frequently exchanged, Kieran both contributes and enjoys the learning process that the company offers to both the team and its client.

Mitchell Mackenzie, Scape Architecture & Urban Design

Research, Administration & Documentation

 Mitchell has a Masters of Urban Planning and Environment from RMIT and is our new welcomed addition to the team. As SCAPE has a Design Review Committee representative role on numerous housing estate developments throughout Victoria, he assists the team assessing house plans against design guidelines, and helps with the administration of our role.

Mitchell’s planning background is a great asset to our team facilitating a smooth Council planning process.

Collaborating To Achieve

Collaborating on Affordable Housing Research

Andrea has a Masters of Urban Planning and Environment from RMIT and joined the SCAPE team to work on the Affordable Housing project that is currently underway.

Collaborating on web design

Brad has a worked tirelessly on the website for many months now. We would like to thank him for all his hard work and allowing the website to finally go live!

If you would like to see more of Brad’s word, check out his website

Collaborating on internal colours

Libbi is a very talented interior designer that has worked with Maureen on numerous occasions. Liberati Colour brings colour to all types of projects and we drew on Libbi’s talents when selecting finishes and colours for our office fit out.

If you’d like to view Libbi’s work, take a look at

Collaborating on signage

We would like to thank Tony for the skilful installation of our internal graphics and shopfront signage. The linework logo installed in our studio space was delivered with accuracy and we were amazed with the results.

If you would like to see some of Tony’s handiwork check out his website